The Mirror World

~Mirror World - Reality is just a State of Mind~

Orang Kata : "When I see a mirror.. I felt there is another Space differ from ours.. a whole new dimension.. A World In Mirrors"

Aku Jawab : "Are you sure that is The World in the Mirrors? or are WE the one inside the Mirrors?"

Orang Kata : " I feel relieved when I woke up from Nightmares.. all the scary stuff just go away.. but sometimes I do hope I wont wake up from my Sweet Dreams"

Aku Jawab : " Are you sure you have woke up? or is this just one of Your Nightmares?"

Orang Kata : "I'm Glad living in this World.. I have a Good Job.. a Wonderful Wife.. I can Eat Chocolate Everyday.. and the Best part is.. Its All REAL!"

Aku Jawab : " Are you sure this is Real? How do you know its real? you thought your life was REAL in your DREAMS.. Maybe you will wake up and engulfed by a Clouds of Penitent.. a Shivering of Fear.. Begging to Return..Hoping its Not REAL"

Orang Tanya : " Really... Will I wake up and go through the thing you SAID?"

Aku Jawab : " You Will go through it when you Woke up and REALISED... Nerakais what you See, Jannah is the one you Missed"


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