~ The Light ~

~The Light~


Earth shines, but the sky enchants,

The earth rises

Hoping, craving

The sky enchants

Skyscrapers, towers, rockets

Pointing to the sky

Reaching the azure

But it comes to naught

The sky enchants

Man were muddled

Women are confused

The sky lights

Blinding, captivating

But they refuse

he offers the light

But they refuse

he gives the lights

But they refuse

Now Its blackout


The earth is dark

Blackout, eclipsed

Only Now they stare

The sky enchant

They ask for lights

Lantern, torchlight

Or anything that shines

Now, he refuses

They cried, they beg

Offer money, in cash

Now, he refuses

They weep, they beg

With all their might

They wail, they beg

In an awful sight

he spoke

they blithe

in a gleeful spirit

‘take it, your lights’

They smile, they grin

With no regret

Hoping, craving

They turn and see

The sky enchants

The light shines

But it scorches

The light shines

But it burns

They frown, they sad

Remorse and regret…


Copyright © Langit Berada Dibawah